Area Gun Clubs

Colby Gun Club

The club is located on the premisis of "Shooter's Choice" gun and supply store. A great place to visit, browse and ask advice on products. This club is strictly an indoor club. This is a very well run club with 8 lanes at length's out to 20 yards. Most times all 8 lanes are open, but 1 or 2 could be down for maintenance. A great place to shoot at on those cold, snowy and wet winter days. All steel-cored, steel jacketed or steel shot ammunition is PROHIBITED on the range.
Twin City Rifle Club

This club is a joy to shoot at. It has many ammenities such as

Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays
Steel silhouette rifle shooting out to 100 yards
Covered 100, 200, 300 yard rifle range with steel gong bunkers on the ends
Covered 25, 50 metre rifle range
Steel gong and spinner bunker on the 25 metre for pistol calibres
Pistol shooting on the 25 metre and in the gong bunker
Archery range (small)

There are many shooting positions (at least 12 plus) on each of the ranges and all are in impeccable condition.
Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club

Planning an outing for a group of people small or large, Bridgeport Rod and Gun can help you. The goal of Bridgeport is to provide a safe place for everyone to enjoy shooting sports. What does Bridgport have to offer?

Trap and skeet ranges
25 and 100 yard ranges (handgun on the 25 yard range
Indoor and outdoor horseshoe pits
3 baseball diamonds
Large hall for events
Small meeting room

Lots of expert advice and help is available to help the novice trap shooter. The 25 yard handgun and rifle range are acceptable.
Waterloo County Revolver Association

Indoor:    12 - 20 yard positions.
Non retrieving turning holders for paper targets.
Rimfire and pistol caliber centrefire rounds only.

Range #6 - 40 yards - OPP/IPSC outer range
Range #5 - 50 yards - Ggngs/PPC range
Range #3 - Range 3: 100 meter - silhouette
Range #1 and 2 - rear range IPSC #1 and IPSC #2
Waterloo Rod and Gun

This is a very well run club offering many amenities such as:

Rifle Range (2 positions)
Banquet hall that holds 260 people
Club lounge holds 130 people
Game Room
Snowmobile Club
Horseshoes, Darts, Shuffleboard
Guelph Rod and Gun Club

Facilities include:
7 outdoor ranges
1 indoor facility
A large clubhouse

Regular activities:
CAS (cowboy action shooting
IPSC, PPC, rifle, and trap
Shootgun and trap
Elmira Rod and Gun Club

The club has one of the largest shooting facilities in Waterloo Region including a club house and picnic area as well as both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Supporting long guns, hand guns, air guns, horseshoes, and archery.

The clubhouse contains, and hosts special events such as;
Meeting area
Banquet hall
Kitchen and bar
Snooker table
Indoor range
Galt Rod and Gun Club

This is one of the largest shooting clubs in Ontario
Indoor range
Outdoor handgun range
Rifle ranges
Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays

The rifle membership is closed. If you wish to shoot rifle you must join the club in one of the other activities and have your name put on a waiting list.