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The latest news from NFA (National Firearms Association)
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National Firearms Association (NFA)

The NFA of Canada works for and in conjunction with Canadian gun owners. This organization keeps Canadian gun owners informed regarding current and proposed legislation including Canada's ever-changing gun registration program. This organization ensures that Canadian gun owners know their legal rights under current Canadian law.

Canadian Sport Shooting Association (CSSA)

The CSSA is the voice of sport shooting and firearms enthusiasts in Canada.
The CSSA came to be, with the amalgamation of the Ontario Handgun Association (OHA) and the Ontario Smallbore Federation (OSF). The OHA has been a leader in Canada's firearms community since 1957, and the OSF has represented smallbore rifle shooters in Ontario since 1959. Since its start the CSSA has grown into a national organization with representation in every province and membership across Canada. With its full-time staff and strong membership support, the CSSA has been working hard to defend the rights of Canada's shooters against legislation to hamper the sport of shooting. CSSA has accomplished a lot over the years since its inception.

Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA)

The ATA was founded in 1900 as the American Trapshooting Association and later changed its name to the Amateur Trapshooting Association in 1923. The ATA is composed of individual members, with two classifications of membership - life and annual. The ATA serves as the governing body for the sport of American-style trapshooting. The organization's mission is to promote and govern the sport throughout the world.

Canadian Firearms Institute (CFI)

FACILITATE The unification of the firearms community Active/effective participation in the drafting of any new legislation that impact the firearms community. Positive/progressive interaction between the governing bodies and the firearms community as a whole.
ADVOCATE Actively champion the inclusion of Property rights in the Charter of Rights. Advocate the responsible use and ownership of Firearms. To promote Canada's Firearms Heritage. To embrace all firearms sport and recreational disciplines.
COMMUNICATE To communicate a positive image of firearm ownership. To provide firearms related resource materials to the public and media. To provide firearms related resource materials to local, provincial and federal agencies and Governments.
EDUCATE Provide National Safety courses and training. Provide governance practices for clubs and organizations. To provide resources to clubs and organizations.